weekly photo challenge : forward

We have had some exceptionally warm weather lately, but living in Calgary, I know that doesn’t mean that winter is over. Regardless of the false sense of security that this weather brings, I look forward to the real arrival of spring. The temperature in southern Alberta never stays cold for too long during the winter. A wind blowing over the Rocky Mountains, known as a Chinook, brings warm coastal air that melts the snow and raises the temperature drastically. It is a welcome relief, but the resulting melt makes for a big muddy mess on the roads. Our cars are dirty for most of the winter, with huge line-ups at the car washes during the Chinooks. The mud splashes everywhere and all our landscape is a dull brown color. I look forward to the fresh green of spring, and the flowers that follow. I drove past this beautiful tree loaded with blossoms last spring and had to stop to take a few photos. Can you feel the freshness?

first spring blossoms

Another thing I look forward to after our dreary winter is the planting of the flower pots in my yard. They look a bit skimpy when they are first planted, but it doesn’t take long before the sunshine and warm weather help them flourish.

new flowers new plantings freshly planted potRead about the photo challenge here.

26 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : forward

  1. I love your photographs.


  2. 4 weeks till spring, yeah!


  3. Looking forward to spring. I love the name of your blog.


    1. Well it is about time, don’t you think? Thanks for your comment, Jill.


  4. Oh yes, I can feel the freshness … Thank you, Terri!


  5. Hi, too, look forward to the flowers of spring! These are so pretty.


  6. Your garden always becomes such a riot of colour Terri. One of the most visually joyful spots to visit in the summer….


    1. Thanks, Catherine. I miss the flowers all the more on a grey day. Bring on the sunshine!


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