weekly photo challenge : lunchtime

This is my response to the newest weekly photo challenge. Read all about it and find a list of other entries. This is a great way to find new blogs.

Here are a few photos of my favorite lunch – sushi. I could dine in Japanese restaurants weekly without any problem, if I ate out that often. There are loads of great sushi restaurants to choose from in Calgary, and these plates are from my neighborhood place – “Globefish”. (You can only imagine my excitement when they opened just blocks from home.) Thinking about their incredible food, I’m starting to get a little hungry. Care to meet me for lunch?

jalapeno hamachi salmon and tuna another delicious roll rollFortunately for me, I have several friends who share my love of fresh fish. I don’t think I have ever turned down a suggestion to go for sushi. Sorry there aren’t more photos. I’m usually too busy eating to get out my phone!

9 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : lunchtime

  1. Nice… You had sushi too! 😉


    1. I never tire of sushi! Your lunch looked very interesting – and yummy. Thanks for the pingback.


  2. Hi,I didn’t get your post in my mail.I do not know what happened.Like your food post,looks delicious.


  3. The perfect photos for lunchtime in my mind! I love sushi.. it must have been great fun!!


  4. Sushi? Anytime!! Time? Date? See you there…


    1. Great – cause I’m not going walking in this miserable weather!


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