Wow! Eight weeks just flew past and my silk screen class is finished. I was feeling quite nervous about our last class. I wanted to burn some images on screens that I could reuse on my own. If the process didn’t go well, I would miss my chance to do that. But the stars were in alignment and I’m very happy with the work from last night. There are some imperfections which I have since fixed on the screens. (We’ll see for sure next time I print them.) I used the gold ink again because it is so lush and lovely, and I tried the Speedball opaque black, which actually printed a beautiful gun-metal grey. I will need to purchase both of those colors for my personal collection. I filled the screens with images so that I could print them in full, as shown, to cut up for quilts or other projects. I could also mask off part of the screen to print just the section I need for a specific project. The large colored areas on the sides are areas I chose not to mask off because I love the look of the ink! I’ll post once I use these fabrics in a project. By the way, some of these images are from Dover, and some are my own artwork. What do you think of them?

fabrics on print table gold ink on blue fabric grey ink on white gold ink on purpleMy friend, Susan Fae, drew these birds and I burned the images on screens for her. Can’t wait to see what she does with them.

bird images on screen bird images 2

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  1. Thank you Terri. I can hardly wait to start working with you and the birds.
    Catherine is right I am thrilled.


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