I took a couple of weeks off from the photo challenge, but how could I resist this week? Color? Really? I adore color. I crave color. I breathe color. Color is incredibly important! So, I thought I’d do the challenge. Check here for more entries. Personally I can hardly wait to start going through them. But back to my picks. On a normal challenge I can’t contain myself to one photo. I’m fighting to limit this selection, but I’m not winning the battle. I thought I’d show a few things around my house – things I enjoy every day. The first photos show some things in my studio – slippers and textiles over the studio closet doorway, my most current sewing project, fabric scraps that are too wonderful to dispose of, a bucket of pearl cotton embroidery thread and of course Kush the cat hanging out on a fabric shelf. (I didn’t follow the challenge instructions EXACTLY – I was just too excited to read it until I’d finished. Oops!)

above closet in studio sewing project fabric scraps pearl cotton thread cat on fabric shelfHere are details of some of the artwork that surrounds me – work by Ann Dunbar (paper and ceramic art piece “Adoration of the Stove”), Sue Benner (fused and painted silk wall quilt), Alan Lerner (face of ceramic cube), John Garrett (metal, bead and wire “Slipper Basket”) and Arthur Shilling (oil painting “Mother”).

Ann Dunbar Sue Benner Alan Lerner John Garrett Arthur Shilling

I’ll finish with a couple of pictures of my tile work on the house exterior. I’ve may have posted them before, but I can’t help myself. I love color. I love this challenge!

tile mosaic mural til wall section

47 thoughts

  1. Love the slippers over your studio closet (and Kush, of course!). And, “Adoration of the Stove” is wonderful – thanks for sharing all your inspiring color. It brightened up this snowy April day!


  2. Hi Terri, thanks for following my blog.
    It seems Kush has that special cat talent of squeezing into the smallest and most awkward places for a nap. Very cute and nice pics.


  3. Dear Terri,
    In the Daily Post,we were supposed to pick the third post scrolling down. In my case, It was yours..As required I picked your third sentence and made my own post.You might be interested to read what I came up with.I was so glad,it is a blog I follow.I thought it was pretty cool!


  4. A Colourful personality for a colour challenge ah yes this is you Terri.
    Great photos, your quilt looks like it’s going to be the new bright spot in your home.


  5. Just the very challenge I can see you couldn’y resist Terri ! What a lovely colourfilled studio with Kush there unable to resist it either 🙂


  6. Oh my, your studio is incredible, gorgeous colors! I would say you have risen to the occasion! Love the photo of the cat in the fabric closet, startling and beautiful!


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