weekly photo challenge : from above

This is my version of the weekly photo challenge. Be sure to check out some of the other entries. I went through my photos looking for some fabulous photos looking down on something, but there was not the incredible selection I’d hoped to find. What to do? What to do? Don’t worry – Kush the cat to the rescue! Sometimes I need to take her picture from above so I can really show her position.

Kush in fabric strips Kush on sewing table Kush getting attention

I found this photo of Felix. This is his favorite basket, kept in my parents’ living room. Note the place mat on the bottom, just to make it a bit more comfy…

Felix in a laundry basketImagine my delight when I was watching an episode of Scandal and spotted this image of the Oval Office, from above. Just the shot I was looking for.

tv screen image

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14 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : from above

  1. NiinaMaria says:

    The belly in the first picture!!! Can’t. Handle. It.


  2. So Kush wants to get in there and help you with your sewing, huh? What a beautiful, sweet kitty. Helpful, too. 🙂 You were quick and observant with the television screen! Good for you!


  3. Adorable and too cute!!!!!
    I love them all….:D
    Thanks for sharing.


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  5. megtraveling says:

    What cute pictures!


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  7. ranu802 says:

    I love Kush,it’s so cute.Thanks for the post.


  8. Kush is a diva and she knows it! I would not want to cross Felix.


  9. creativeq says:

    Cats and craft drawers– that’s our kinda picture! Awesome!


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  11. a really beautiful couple of kitties!


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