Our local radio d.j.s must have that phrase in their heads. Can you tell the sort of stations that I listen to, when I hear “Signs” by the Five Man Electric Band – EVERY DAY? As if I didn’t know all the words! I took a look through my photos and here are a few of my favorite signs. The first sign needs no lettering to tell everyone what is for sale within the shop – it speaks a universal language. The second photo relies partly on its graphic quality to sell dogs in a Seattle tourist area. I like 3 dimensional signs.

gelato sign Seattle marketI love this next sign, but possibly because I’m intrigued with a shop that only sells tripe! This was in a market in Florence, Italy I think.

tripe shope in Italian marketHere’s a sign with graphics for everyone. I spotted this at a construction site in San Gimignano, Italy.  I like doing my interpretation of the picture graphics, like the first one that probably means “No Climbing like Spiderman”.

Italian construction signThe sign on this bus is colorful and cheery, and the repetition of the style from city to city makes the bus easy to find.

tour bus FirenzaThis last sign was in a cherry orchard near Penticton, B.C. A sign doesn’t need to be fancy to get the message across.

honk hornCheck out other challenges at the Daily Post.

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  1. You have a very good eye–I shouldn’t be surprised with all your beautiful quilting. You caught detail I probably would have missed. This was fun! I liked the bus–I see that other countries tend to commercialize their great art, as I think we do. David beckoning passengers to do some sight seeing? Not the intended message, I don’t think, but that’s how I saw it. 🙂


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