Weekly photo challenge : fleeting

Here’s a couple of fleeting views I caught. Both photos were taken on the grounds of the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas. It was ridiculously hot and humid (at least by Alberta standards) but I had to venture out of the air-conditioned comfort to check out the gardens and sculptures. (More photos are waiting for upcoming posts.) Check out other photo challenges here.


I love koi ponds, especially when they are outdoors in a beautiful setting. When the water is murky it makes spotting fish more of a challenge.

green anole lizard

Caught sight of this little green guy – perhaps a green anole? He puffed up a pink throat fan but it was too fleeting a moment for me to capture. I was out-of-town for a week and that too seemed like a fleeting moment. I don’t understand how it can then take forever to download my 2,000 photos!

17 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge : fleeting

  1. Good connection between the theme and your photos and travel experience, Terri. I really liked that. A comment on the murky water. We have a pond, too, and in the heat it is really difficult to keep the water clear. Sometimes I think that’s another full-time job! I love San Antonio…and it’s hot by more than Alberta standards! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing more of your photography. Sounds like you had a delightful experience. ox


    1. Thanks for the pingback! Guess you’ll have to go to the petting zoo again – with your camera!


  2. The lily pad shot is fabulous! Cute little green fella too. 🙂


  3. 2,000!! I can’t wait to see them all?? Just kidding.. can’t wait to see the best! Love your point of view behind the camera! xx


  4. Can’t wait to see more of your images Terri. Love the little green guy in the tree – onward and upward….


  5. Two thousand photos,wow you took that many? It’ll be fun to see them.


    1. What can I say? I love digital and I love all that there is to see!


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