Vienna – a city of culture with museums galore. Fabulous museums. Too many to see in just a week. But I think we did a good job with the days we spent, and I have the photos to prove it.  The first museum we visited was the Belvedere. The Belvedere Museum is located in the Belvedere Palaces which – renowned Baroque landmarks, with exhibitions in the orangery and stables as well.  I enjoyed seeing work by Gustav Klimt, including his famous painting “The Kiss”. This photo from Wikipedia, since you really couldn’t take photos in the galleries.

The Kiss by Gustav KlimtThe art was amazing, and the buildings were breath-taking. My favorite exhibit was a temporary one which featured the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an artist I have admired for many years. The palace grounds were beautiful and they enhanced the excellent museum experience. Unfortunately there was a “no photos” policy inside, so my photos were VERY limited. Belvedere - upper palace sculpture entry hall Belvedere interior - Belvedereview from Belvedere PalaceHunterwasser Belvedere - lower palace

The next day we set out to see more museums – an easy task in Vienna. First up was the Albertina, partially situated in a Hapsburg Residential Palace. As usual in Europe, the building is stunning. The artwork is incredible. The Albertina houses the largest and most valuable graphical collections in the world, as well as significant collections of Impressionist and early 20th century art . You can read all about it online, I can show you a few photos but you really should see it for yourself if possible.Albertina sign Albertina exterior Albertina entry palace room 2 palace room 3 palace room palace room palace room detail palace roomThere was an exceptional show of large prints by Gunter Damisch. I took a few photos before I realized there were no photos allowed in this particular exhibit. I hope it’s alright to share a peak. Each print was about 4′ x 6′. Very impressive. I purchased a book on Gunter’s work, with photos of the actual printing process. Since I prefer working in something smaller, like 4″ x 6″, it is interesting to see how very large prints are done.Gunter Damisch exhibit work by Gunter DamischHere are a few other gems from the museum – two by Claude Monet and two by Paul Signac.

Claude Monet - House Among the Roses Claude Monet - The Water Lily Pond Paul Signat - Venice the Pink Cloiud Paul Signat - detail of Venice, the Pink Cloud Paul Signat - Antibes the TowersI must save the rest of the museums for another post. This blogging is very time-consuming, and I need to get some sleep. Hope you enjoyed what you’ve seen so far.

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