Here’s my response to the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. I had to look long and hard to find photos that answered this challenge. I have been too lazy busy to use my SLR camera lately, and my Canon just loves to focus on every part of the photo. Ok, it could also be because I use it on the automatic setting. Who am I kidding? I use my SLR on automatic too. I did take a photography course when my SLR camera was new. It was interesting, but involved too much thinking. I need to take photos in a hurry, and stopping to think about camera settings doesn’t work for me. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to learn to do everything. Anyway – enough excuses. Here are my photos:frosty winter branches ice covered branch frosty pine needlesI am so glad that it is August and the weather is hot. Dinner tonight on the deck was glorious and it will be cold and frosty far too soon.

10 thoughts

  1. Ice crystals are so fascinating ! Great shots Terri . Loving the sound of dinner on the deck 🙂
    … and yes I know the business about ‘involves too much thinking|’ Lol


  2. Great shots all Terri! I know that winter comes much sooner up by you than over here by me. I am looking forward to fall though … Tell me about being lazy with the camera. I finally got an iPhone. What a blessing. What a curse. It’s so easy to just take pictures with it, but my little Canon point and shoot which as NOTHING on your infinitely more serious SLR, even when on the automatic setting, takes much better pictures overall. But I’ve been feeling like a sloth. Kinda wish I could have some of those icy crystals in a cone drizzled with raspberry syrup.


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