weekly photo challenge : saturated

Here’s my take on this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge. I’ve been busy with an incredible yoga workshop all week-end and haven’t had any time at the computer. Forgive my lack of originality here. Saturated to me says color. If I’d been in Calgary in June I would have had some flood photos to illustrate a different definition of saturated. Alas, no such luck. The first photo shows a stack of quilting fabric waiting to be cut into bits. The flowers and fruit are such obvious picks with their wonderful, saturated colors. The colorful motif was painted on the side of a small elephant figure outside the door to the Witte Museum in San Antonio. I’m always on the lookout for design inspiration. (You could translate that as somewhat of a pain to travel with, since I stop to take pictures of almost everything!)stack of quilt fabrics deep pink chrysanthemum painted motif yellow gerbera daisy grocery store apple display

6 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : saturated

  1. Excellent array of vibrant colors in all of these images, Terri, but you have an excellent eye whenever you go behind the lens. I’m still photographing my finger with my new(ish) iPhone, so the learning curve continues.


  2. I just love the colors of stacked fabrics! I can’t walk by a stack like this, though, without touching! I would love to have a great week-long yoga workshop! Fantastic!


  3. The rolls of quilting fabric always look so colourful to me. And I love too the results of a quilter’s creativity.


    1. Thanks, Colline. I have so much fabric and I love having it out where I can enjoy it!


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