Here’s my interpretation of “Good Morning” for the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.  Today it is grey and gloomy outside – not my idea of a great photo day, but I’ve done my best. I am not a morning person, and my existing selection of morning photos was less than stellar. This is my view from this morning:side yard under construction back yard under constructionKind of grey and boring, but exciting because of the potential that it represents. Our wooden flower box retainers had rotted and needed replacing, and you know how one thing leads to another. You blink your eyes and the yard is being renovated!

Next photo is my great-nephew, Finley. Waking up to see his smiling face is an excellent way to start a morning.

bright eyed babyMy last photo was taken a few years ago when I was in Turkey with my daughter, Devon. We had to get up really early in the morning to be up in the balloon in time to see the sun rise. That’s a morning view worth getting up for!early morning ballon ride

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  1. Finley is such a cutie! Seeing a little face like that beam hello is a great way to start the day. Devon seems to mirror your pleasure floating over Turkey. I’m not a morning person, either, but I would follow your lead if I had the opportunity to ride in a hot air balloon, too.


    1. Thanks, V. Someone who looked at Finley’s photo commented that he looks loved. It is pretty obvious I think. I’m not great with heights, but I love hot air balloons. It’s like you’re floating – you just need a really good pilot to feel comfortable. The views from a balloon can be amazing!


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