weekly photo challenge : the hue of you

Another week has blasted by – another photo challenge has appeared. At least when I try to figure out where this past week went, I know the answer. I was in San Francisco for a few days. (An excellent place to lose a few days.) But on to the challenge.

This photo challenge speaks volumes to me since I LOVE color. It wouldn’t be  possible for me to select a single hue, but here are a few hues I’ve been immersed in recently. My first photo shows dinner plates stacked and ready at my recent yoga workshop dinner.

stack of colorful plates I’m working in my studio, and Kush the cat is still supervising/snoozing. These are quilt blocks from my current project and quilts ready and waiting for their bindings.Kush on quiltsmore quilt blocks quilt blocks colorful quiltsquilts

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24 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : the hue of you

  1. Love log cabins, etc. Did you sew them? Bright colors are okay by me if jumbled this way, moderating the effect of each other. Love your background! ❤


  2. Wow, fabulous! Kush clearly has great taste. 😉


  3. sonja says:

    Your colors and dishes shout Fiesta !
    love the colors and Crusher!


  4. Beautiful quilts and colors. So vibrant!


  5. Love it! Bright and Beautiful! I am into Aqua and Turqois right now…


  6. Hillary Ames says:

    Our cats are sooo envious of Kush because he gets to live with ALL those colors. Around here they have to sleep on one color at a time. I’m happy to say we do HAVE color but not the rainbow that surrounds you!


  7. The combination of colours and patterns is a visual treat.


  8. Gorgeous colors Terri and, as usual, snoozing Kush makes a perfect model. Her coat looks so comfy! I was born and raised in San Francisco. I loved the Victorian style architecture. Sometimes homeowners painted their Victorians in eye catching colors.


  9. marion says:

    wonderful colours all over your life Terri, gorgeous quilts too!


  10. musingmar says:

    A riot of colour! Seeing it all is happiness- inducing. Or nap-inducing if you’re like Kush 🙂


  11. […] weekly photo challenge : the hue of you | Time To Be Inspired […]


  12. poppytump says:

    Kush loves a little colour in his life too 😉
    Those quilts look amazing Terri .


  13. Welcome home – hope that your ‘lost days’ in SF were full of colour as well..
    No lack of colour in your studio – looking marvelous!


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