I love taking photos from above. I think it’s part of my strategy to deal with my fear of heights. I love looking down on clouds and mountains and that feeling of being on top of the world!

clouds mountains

My biggest challenge in dealing with my fear of heights was to go up in a hot air balloon in Turkey. I was nervous before we took off but I had confidence in our pilot and friends to bolster my courage. I am so glad I did it. The views were spectacular! For this photo challenge I picked photos of hot air balloons as seen from above.

landing more balloons single balloon top of balloon

My last photo shows a few buildings in downtown Calgary, taken from the tallest building in the city, the Bow.


Check out other entries for this week’s challenge here.


9 thoughts

  1. I love all of these photos, Terri. I came close to riding in a hot air balloon once. The occasion was my then partner’s 30th birthday, but it turned out that it wasn’t hot air balloon season. When the season resumed, we had broken up. One of my great fears is not so much heights, but of dropping my camera. I fear I’d become a butterfingers under those circumstances. I’m very glad that you weren’t!


    1. I’m so afraid of dropping my camera that I always have the strap around my neck. I’m going to sew the ends because they can work loose. It probably wouldn’t be practical to glue it to my hand… If you get a chance I highly recommend a hot air balloon ride!


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