weekly photo challenge: ephemeral

I thought I should jump back into the photo challenge, since I’ve neglected my blog again. Can I help it if there aren’t enough hours in the day? I think nature offers the most striking examples of ephemeral. I wanted to include a fantastic sunset, but they tend to disappear before I can get my camera organized!clouds clouds icicles icicles

weekly photo challenge : on top

I love taking photos from above. I think it’s part of my strategy to deal with my fear of heights. I love looking down on clouds and mountains and that feeling of being on top of the world!

clouds mountains

My biggest challenge in dealing with my fear of heights was to go up in a hot air balloon in Turkey. I was nervous before we took off but I had confidence in our pilot and friends to bolster my courage. I am so glad I did it. The views were spectacular! For this photo challenge I picked photos of hot air balloons as seen from above.

landing more balloons single balloon top of balloon

My last photo shows a few buildings in downtown Calgary, taken from the tallest building in the city, the Bow.


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weekly photo challenge : grand

Here’s my entry for Daily Post’s photo challenge this week. I think that many things I photograph are grand. Some are large, some are small. I think it has more to do with your point of view. A lot of grand photos rely heavily on nature, which truly is grand.River Park clouds Buddha's hand citrus fruitairplane view

weekly photo challenge : the golden hour

Here’s my interpretation of this week’s photo challenge – nothing too dramatic I’m afraid. I took the photos a couple of nights ago when I was leaving the art college parking structure. I only had my phone with me, which was a shame considering the incredibly dramatic clouds in the sky. Unfortunately the clouds did not have the decency to line up with the downtown skyline, and I didn’t have time to drive around and find a better vantage point. I do apologize for that. In my defence, the truly spectacular clouds and color in the sky are generally very short-lived.

Hope you can see these photos alright. My preview looks fine, but my edit version is totally corrupted. Guess time will tell if it works…

golden clouds clouds and city