I’m sorting photos and wanting to post from my Turkish travels. I’ve given up on managing any kind of order and have decided to simply post whatever catches my attention. While in Istanbul with my daughter, Christine, and her friend, Olivia, we stayed at an airbnb apartment near the Galata Tower. Late one afternoon Christine and I stood in line to climb the tower and take in the views. There was a line up to get into the building and pay admission, a wait for the elevator, and a solid mass of people moving around the tiny balcony that surrounds the tower. there is only one door out to the balcony so you are able enjoy the views in all directions. Our timing was perfect, as the waits weren’t too long and we caught the setting sun.looking up the tower our neighborhood view2 view of Topkapi view1 galata bridge view 3 taking photos start of sunset sunsetRather than wait for the elevator, Christine and I walked down the tower stairs – the path less travelled and much more interesting.

walking downHere’s our view of the Galata Tower in the early evening. I’m glad we chose to stay in this charming neighbourhood in Istanbul.Galata Tower





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  1. Breathtaking shots from a great view, Terri. It is fun to relive a trip while sorting through images, except the food shots. That’s when I wish I could eat my screen.


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