Thought I’d share assorted containers from Turkey for this week’s photo challenge. First photo shows a gigantic urn in the Hagia Sophia that was originally used for oil storage. ancient urn for oil storageHere we have a heater from the Harem in Topkapi Palace. I imagine it would have contained hot coals to heat the sitting area.heater in Topkapi PalaceI spotted this plastic jar on the Galata Bridge. This container provided temporary and cramped quarters for the poor in a jarThis shop display from the Grand Bazaar showcases a variety of containers. I did not bring any home with me, but maybe next time…
assorted containersI’m afraid a photo challenge on containers would not be complete without my lovely Kush the cat. Here she was testing the fit of a flower-pot. Seems it was just right.Kush in a flower pot

7 thoughts on “Containers

  1. I just love your Turkey photos. Definitely a place I’d love to visit. And, Kush makes me laugh, too!


  2. I loved all the shots, Terri, but you did save the best for last.


    1. Thanks, V. I was working at a studio till 11:15 tonight so now I’m forced to type with one hand. Kush needs some serious cuddle time!


  3. Great post. Love the kitty best of all!


    1. Thanks, Naomi. Afraid I can’t contain my need to photograph that crazy cat!


  4. I love your photographs,Terri.


    1. Thanks, Ranu. Hope you’re having a good week-end.


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