Thought I’d share assorted containers from Turkey for this week’s photo challenge. First photo shows a gigantic urn in the Hagia Sophia that was originally used for oil storage. ancient urn for oil storageHere we have a heater from the Harem in Topkapi Palace. I imagine it would have contained hot coals to heat the sitting area.heater in Topkapi PalaceI spotted this plastic jar on the Galata Bridge. This container provided temporary and cramped quarters for the poor in a jarThis shop display from the Grand Bazaar showcases a variety of containers. I did not bring any home with me, but maybe next time…
assorted containersI’m afraid a photo challenge on containers would not be complete without my lovely Kush the cat. Here she was testing the fit of a flower-pot. Seems it was just right.Kush in a flower pot

weekly photo challenge : inside

This is too easy for two reasons! First reason – this was a photo challenge in July 2012 and I enjoyed it then. Second reason – I love an excuse to post cat photos, and when this challenge appeared yesterday, Kush was my obvious choice of subject. She (like many other cats) loves to hang out inside any container she possibly can, and she can make it look good!Kush in fabric basket Kush in African basket Kush in a box lid Kush in cat bed Kush in Rubbermaid Kush in a paper basketI thought I should include a photo of Felix as well – he is also a big fan of getting inside containers. As a solid black cat, he is not always easy to photograph, but he looks good in this laundry basket – lined with his very own placemat.Felix in a laundry basketHere are a few other posts I’ve done which include Kush “inside” photos – photo challenge: habit, suggestions for cat storage, photo challenge: inside and time for a little change. You can find other great postings for this week’s challenge here. They aren’t all cat photos!

I have been busy sewing on my next series of quilts, and sorting and organizing my fabric stash. It’s an ongoing process. I’ll try to share some of the studio work soon. I promise.

weekly photo challenge : inside

Here’s my take on this week’s photo challenge. First I’d like to share a photo of my car, loaded and ready to move to the west coast with my son, Marc. I don’t think we could fit anything else inside.fully loaded carThe rest of my photos were EASY to select – one of my favorite photo subjects – Kush the cat. If there is a container available anywhere, it is obviously for her.Kush the cat in a cardboard box Kush the cat in a laundry basket Kush the cat in a basketKush the cat in plastic storage container Kush the cat in storageI know that Kush is not unique in her love of containers. Here’s Felix snoozing in his favorite spot on my parents fireplace mantle.Felix the cat snoozing in Rubbermaid

suggestions for cat storage

My son, Marc, used to tell me how much Kush liked getting into boxes – shoe boxes were her favorite. Of course, her exposure was largely shoe boxes. Here’s Kush in Victoria where I first witnessed her box obsession.

cat in shoe box

When she came to live here, I saved a couple of shoe boxes for her, but she wasn’t that interested. Apparently the mistake was in thinking that I could choose for her. She likes to do that herself. If a parcel arrives, it is important to empty the box as quickly as possible, since the cat needs to try it out for size.

cat in book box

cat in box in garage

cat in box

Recently we purchased a sous vide machine. Kush liked the box and the sous vide container – empty or with the cover I sewed for keeping it clean.

cat in box

cat in sous vide container

cat on cover for sous vide

Kush considers any basket or contoured surface as fair game.

cat in basket

cat in bathrooom sink

cat in basket

I’ve lost the battle with regards to keeping Kush off the kitchen counter. My strategy is to wipe things down before I start food prep – and remind myself the cat won’t be here forever. Kush discovered a large mesh kitchen strainer that was a good fit.

cat in strainer basket

cat resting in basket

cat relaxing

cat in sink

 With this goofy cat around, I need to have a camera handy all the time!  And I wonder why I’m not getting things done?