I am officially finished working at the Art College for the summer. I am exhausted. Happy, but exhausted. Our program finished on Sunday. We cleaned the spaces we had used and hauled out all our belongings. Now I am faced with huge piles of stuff that need to be sorted and put away, either at home or at my studio. There are also piles of printed fabrics that I need to start working with. Decisions, decisions, where to start?

For the last couple of days our group worked together to hang shows in several locations at ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design). If anyone is able to visit, there is some wonderful work on display. We are having a reception on Thursday Sept. 4 from 5pm to 7pm and would love to see you. One exhibit space is cleared out the next day, so even if you can’t make the reception, please try to get by before then. Here are a couple of shots of work during installation.part of room 371LRT windowspart of MNG spaceshop windows

As an aside I wanted to share something I figured out while packing for the show. I had pressed my 10′ long panel of printed fabric and did not want to crease it on the way to the college. Since hangers aren’t big enough to hold the fabric, I created one using a mailing tube and a fabric strip for hanging. I’m sure people have been doing this sort of thing for years, but I was excited because I thought it up my self. I am easily amused.fabric hanger

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  1. Very inspired use of a mailing tube, Terri! Naturally, your fabric rocks. It’s too bad I can’t simply ride the subway to see your show. Those look like playful sculpture dogs in image 2. What’s going on there?


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