Our very succesful sale is all over, but I wanted to share a few shots taken after set up. I don’t think you can imagine the chaos  that was evident a couple of hours earlier when a dozen people arrived with all their goods and we had to start “making the magic”! It was enough to make us all crazy, but within a couple of hours we had everything set up and everyone was happy (I think). Here goes:sale 1sale 2sale-3.jpgsale-4.jpgsale-5.jpgsale 6sale 7sale 8sale

Something has changed on this website and I’m not sure what this post will look like, but I don’t have time to play around so I hope you can see everything clearly.

Next post I’ll try to share what I’m up to – assuming I can load the photo that I need…



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  1. Looks lovely on my browser! Congrats it was a very colourful, professional and high quality sale. And sounds like the success was evident. Great. xx


      1. Hi Terri, I hardly ever check in here so please forgive the delayed reply. I live 2 1/2 hours’ drive NE of Calgary so no…not really in the area. I drive down once or twice a year. I did manage to see X3 in Edmonton last month, though! 🙂

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