Not to be missed – vibrant photo challenge!

Haven’t given my blog much attention for awhile – somehow not in the right frame of mind. But when I saw this photo challenge, I realized I had to get busy. I love color. I mean, I really love color. I never feel the need to limit my photo selections, so please enjoy a few lovely, vibrant hits of color to brighten your January.

fall leavesred cabbagesky over the citysuzani embroidery detailquilt close up

Check out more VIBRANT selections.

15 thoughts on “Not to be missed – vibrant photo challenge!

      1. You’re welcome, will visit it more often.


  1. Yes indeed colour abounds and we should drink it in. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thanks, Karin. You know there’s rarely too much colour for me!


  2. Fun ideas. We forget sometimes about how attractive things like red cabbage can be.


    1. There are so many beautiful foods in the kitchen if we take the time to notice!


  3. Your arrangement looks gorgeous, Terri. 🙂


  4. Purple cabbage is a good idea. Vibrant and yummy.


    1. I like eating cabbage, and I always enjoy cutting it up and seeing how beautiful it is! Thanks for leaving a comment!

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  5. Love you selection of photos!


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