As it is almost time to change the page on the calendar, I thought I’d best write a post. I’ve been a bit under the weather with a cold, but have still managed to get a few things done. I’m working my way through the basement crawl space – no easy feat I can assure you. I’ve unearthed boxes that have not been looked at since they were put in place in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I know that many people would just pitch everything that had been out of sight for so long, but not me. I have found some trash, loads of things to donate and a few treasures that I knew were around “somewhere”. The best thing so far is that I’ve made it to one of the back corners without encountering a single mouse body, though that is foremost on my mind every time I pull a container away from the wall. Also I discovered that the built in vaccuum reaches all the way to the furthest corner, so I am empowered to keep going. I have a very complex numbering system for keeping track of all my boxes. Most of the “boxes” are in fact large plastic bins with lids that fold closed – chosen because they are mouse proof and cannot be damaged by water. So far so good.

One of the reasons for my renewed attack on my excess stuff is the fact that we are planning to create a print studio here at home. This requires a lot of culling and shifting. I am anxious to start work in my new studio but for now must satisfy my creative urges by keeping a watchful eye out for design inspiration. Here are a few ideas to inspire.


The first two photos were taken on a walk in the park, the third was the pattern on a sweater that I donated, and the last photo shows coloured glass rods from a demo at Bee Kingdom Glass. What could be better than rods of pure colour?


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  1. It’s amazing how having another creative project in mind can help us work our way through a more dreaded (or at least avoided) task! We have recently needed more space and it’s helping me do somewhat the same level of going through boxes and storage left unattended for decades! I, too, have found that some of my “treasures” no longer seem that important, but other things have now moved into a greater sense of importance. Good for you! Keep it up…and hooray for “no mice.” They’re my undoing!

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    1. Thanks, Debra. I’m loading up the car as I go so that the charity items get moved out of the way as quickly as possible. Since I’m in the basement anyway, I’ve been washing things on their way out the door. My biggest challenge right now is the ceiling height. The space that I’m working in is not high enough to stand in. I have a stool for use when sorting, but moving stuff out is breaking my back! But I’ll take your encouragement with me as I head back downstairs.


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