weekly photo challenge : perspective

Time for a sewing break – time to hit the computer and get a post done! I decided on a couple of interpretations of this week’s theme. The first is my beloved High Level Bridge. I love the look of this bridge from almost any perspective. I love how different it looks in each of these photos.High Level Bridge bridge detail bridge detailThe next photos show a full view of a tile mosaic mural that I created on the side of our house, and then a different perspective of the same mosaic. I designed a couple of small mosaic pieces using mirror to hang on the fence. That way I can enjoy a bit of colour when looking out the kitchen window – especially important in the winter!tile mosaic mural mosaic mirror showing muralBe sure to check out other challenge entries here.

weekly photo challenge : pattern

Where to begin? I’m a bit obsessed with pattern. I see it everywhere, so the toughest part of this daily post challenge¬†was deciding which photos to include. I’ve never felt I had to limit the number of photos I use, but I’ll try to be reasonable. I’ve selected a few patterns for your enjoyment.

basket embroidery stitches cookies

weekly photo challenge : my 2012 in pictures

wearing my red boots

fabulous red boots

cat on work table

Kush makes herself at home

finished cast

left hand in cast

cat on my lap

Kush on my lap

great reflections

Austin building with reflections

great angle on bridge

Lethbridge High Level Bridge

view out the front window

Taos Ski Valley view

interior of St. Francis cathedral

St. Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe, NM

cat relaxing in the sun

Kush in the studio

birthday cake!

birthday celebration

always more to learn

Jason Pollen workshop

front of canopic coffinette

King Tut exhibit, Seattle, WA

view within glasshouse

Chihuly exhibit, Seattle, WA

finished image

high school reunion card

orange spotted apron detail

textile printing

first machinery room

Museum of Making, Cochrane, AB

cards on the rack

printed cards drying on rack

page of print samples

page of carved stamp images

wise cat

wise outdoor Kush

silhouette of grill

photo challenge photo – silhouette

showing my printing

showing my printing

packing cookies

cookies packed for shipping

Seattle library'

photo challenge photo – reflection – Seattle library

hotel in the distance

Victoria view

It took me so long to sort out my photos and decide on a few to post for this challenge, that I forgot to put them into a gallery, and now I can’t figure out how to do it without starting over! So, my apologies for the single frame view. Maybe I’ll get more technology savvy in 2013! We can only hope.

weekly photo challenge : unfocused

I have to admit that I wasn’t thrilled with the theme for this week’s challenge, but not because I don’t take unfocused photos. Mostly I just dislike looking at unfocused photos, frustrated that I messed up a shot! Fortunately I’m in the midst of sorting my photo library, so I didn’t have too much trouble finding a few photos. I was also outside taking pictures of the giant size moon, and I got a nice unfocused shot of downtown. Lucky me!

market stall

train station

Calgary skyline

downtown skyline

through  the bridge

It’s tough when you travel and miss a clear shot, especially if you can’t go back to try again. Photoshop has developed software that can capture focus that you miss, but that won’t be available to consumers for a couple of years. Until then, I guess we take our chances.