weekly photo challenge : my 2012 in pictures

wearing my red boots

fabulous red boots

cat on work table

Kush makes herself at home

finished cast

left hand in cast

cat on my lap

Kush on my lap

great reflections

Austin building with reflections

great angle on bridge

Lethbridge High Level Bridge

view out the front window

Taos Ski Valley view

interior of St. Francis cathedral

St. Francis Cathedral, Santa Fe, NM

cat relaxing in the sun

Kush in the studio

birthday cake!

birthday celebration

always more to learn

Jason Pollen workshop

front of canopic coffinette

King Tut exhibit, Seattle, WA

view within glasshouse

Chihuly exhibit, Seattle, WA

finished image

high school reunion card

orange spotted apron detail

textile printing

first machinery room

Museum of Making, Cochrane, AB

cards on the rack

printed cards drying on rack

page of print samples

page of carved stamp images

wise cat

wise outdoor Kush

silhouette of grill

photo challenge photo – silhouette

showing my printing

showing my printing

packing cookies

cookies packed for shipping

Seattle library'

photo challenge photo – reflection – Seattle library

hotel in the distance

Victoria view

It took me so long to sort out my photos and decide on a few to post for this challenge, that I forgot to put them into a gallery, and now I can’t figure out how to do it without starting over! So, my apologies for the single frame view. Maybe I’ll get more technology savvy in 2013! We can only hope.

40 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : my 2012 in pictures

  1. I like the ingle frame view too! I went with the tile format on mine only to see if I could still remember how to do it! Other than that, I’d prefer to see larger photos.

    I’ve been in the St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe several times, but have never been able to get as good a photo as you have here!


  2. Wise Kush…has a Buddha think going on there. Austin always makes me think of Bill Hicks…St. Francis is my favorite Saint and that birthday cake jumped through the screen. Your photographs always make me want to buy a really good camera. Happy New Year Terri. Thanks for putting in so much effort to inspire.


  3. I love these photos. I love your art. I love your cookies. I even love your red boots even though every piece of clothing I wear is black, gray or white. And of course, like all my fellow Terri loyalists, I love your super cool cat, Kush. Your posts are always so well written and illustrated. I agree with throbbingsofnoontide, the single shots work great.


  4. Suzanne

    Thank you for sharing your life in photos. I am always inspired when I read your blog. All the best to you and your family in 2013. I look fwd to seeing what you will be up to.


      1. After seeing your post I thought of doing one too but as I sat and looked at my old blog posts and so many photos I gave up lol but I did purge my BLOG list of all the re-blogs of 2012 and am trying to condense my posts into better headings still working on it so many love my space here I hate to change it so much they think it is not THAT SCATTERED ONE 🙂


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