Quick Shot Post

I’m sitting down to write this – just to try to remember how to write a blog post. It’s been that long. There are numerous reasons for my delinquency, but one of the big ones has to be the fact that I’m not happy with the “theme” that I’m using. Several times I’ve tried to find something new that I like, but thus far I’ve been unsuccessful. I think I need to just try a few on for size, so watch for some new looks. Don’t expect much for content until I find something that I love. Promises, promises, promises.

Adding photos is also a bit more tedious since I moved my photo library to an external drive. Unfortunately my computer and my external hard drive aren’t always in the same room – a problem I need to work out.

Well, the good news is that I still remember how to type. That’s got to be worth something, right? Now to test my ability to add photos… of course, the only ones I have at hand on my computer of photos of Kush the cat.

Great – I can’t remember how to add a photo to the heading on this theme. Can’t see/remember where to add categories or tags. I definitely have some work ahead. Stay tuned as I try to get back into the wonderful world of blogging!

Serenity Supreme

I’ve been accused of posting too many photos of my cat on Instagram. It’s tough not to – she’s that cute! So for this week’s challenge I’ve focused on Kush the cat photos that exemplify serenity. This should calm my cat posting urge for a few days at least.

This is my response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Serenity.”

weekly photo challenge : split-second story

Here’s my interpretation of this week’s photo challenge. I took this photo while in Istanbul, where there are dogs and cats in abundance. With my well honed cat photography skills I was able to capture some fine, furry photos.

I’m not sure that this is the best interpretaion of split-second story, but it’s the best I can come up with tonight.dog and cats

weekly photo challenge : inside

Here’s my take on this week’s photo challenge. First I’d like to share a photo of my car, loaded and ready to move to the west coast with my son, Marc. I don’t think we could fit anything else inside.fully loaded carThe rest of my photos were EASY to select – one of my favorite photo subjects – Kush the cat. If there is a container available anywhere, it is obviously for her.Kush the cat in a cardboard box Kush the cat in a laundry basket Kush the cat in a basketKush the cat in plastic storage container Kush the cat in storageI know that Kush is not unique in her love of containers. Here’s Felix snoozing in his favorite spot on my parents fireplace mantle.Felix the cat snoozing in Rubbermaid