Here’s my take on this week’s photo challenge. First I’d like to share a photo of my car, loaded and ready to move to the west coast with my son, Marc. I don’t think we could fit anything else inside.fully loaded carThe rest of my photos were EASY to select – one of my favorite photo subjects – Kush the cat. If there is a container available anywhere, it is obviously for her.Kush the cat in a cardboard box Kush the cat in a laundry basket Kush the cat in a basketKush the cat in plastic storage container Kush the cat in storageI know that Kush is not unique in her love of containers. Here’s Felix snoozing in his favorite spot on my parents fireplace mantle.Felix the cat snoozing in Rubbermaid

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  1. Terri, like my fellow commenters, I am such a sucker of Kush pictures. She is such a photogenic cat, I also love how Felix draped his paw over his container. Cats in containers truly rock! Great photos are — but I’m very glad I was not in Marc’s car.


  2. Love your pictures 🙂
    I have planned the same subject for this week’s challenge: one of my cats in a box. But we never get tired of seeing them in boxes, don’t we?
    Have a great weekend!


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