weekly photo challenge : family

I don’t seem to have much time for the computer these days, but at least the photo challenge gives me a prod to post once a week! I’ve included photos of family and friends who are practically family – people I love to spend my time with!group shot Lethbridge

Weekly Photo Challenge : Joy – Happy 2014!

As 2013 winds down, the Daily Post weekly photo challenge is joy. This is certainly the season. During this last week of the year, I  found a few minutes to check through my photos. I decided to have some fun and look at really old photos. My first 2 selections are from many, many years ago when my brother and I were little and cute and oh so joyful. These photos were taken in the first house I ever lived in. Oh how I miss those western themed drapes! And isn’t it adorable how I managed to steal the show at his birthday party?

brother and sistermy brother's birthday partyThis next photo was taken in the 60’s. My mom is in the center of the photo with her siblings. I think you can see the joy in their faces – being together as family. I remember when this photo was taken. Sadly not all of my aunts and uncles are still with us. Fondly I remember Uncle Harvey, Aunt Margaret and Uncle Harry and the huge part they played in my life.siblingsThis last photo of joy makes me smile every time I look at it. My children even then were long past the age of sitting on Santa’s knee, but they had this photo taken for me. Santa and the kidsI want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season – hopefully a time filled with family and friends. I am thankful for all the goodness around me, and delighted to have made friends through the world of blogging. I wish everyone health, happiness and all the best in 2014!


Happy 90th Mom!

Recently we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday. She turned 90 on January 16th but didn’t want to inconvenience people with driving in the snow, so we put off the party until April. We had about 60 people for a Chinese banquet at the New Dynasty Restaurant in Lethbridge. We had 6 large round tables and there was lots of conversation throughout the afternoon. The meal was excellent. (My mother had minor complaints a few days later, but that’s the usual scenario.) Everyone else agreed with me. I had ordered a cake from Cakeworks in Calgary. My brother and sister-in-law (Phil & Janet) and their oldest (very pregnant) daughter and her husband (Meg and Derek) flew in from the coast, so I had them pick up the cake. Unfortunately Janet had to ride the 2 1/2 hour trip from Calgary with the cake on her lap. Thank you, Janet. Here are some photos from the party, showing my mom & dad’s table, my mom with her siblings (she’s wearing her coat on her shoulders), the table with mostly my family, the cake and a photo of me with my mom and my oldest daughter, Devon.

grandma's table mom & siblings our tablebirthday cake

mom, me, Devon

Here we are at my parents’ house. Quite a few family members came to the house after the restaurant party. It was relaxed, casual and crowded – like so many family gatherings from the past. All the grandchildren (plus partners and friends) spent a few hours searching through old photos and memorabilia. They were successful in establishing some dates and sorting out a fantastic mess. Several photos were scanned and we are planning to do the rest so the images don’t get lost.time to eat again photo sort old time mom and dad

My parents’ basement is a virtual treasure trove of old things – including these vintage Hudson Bay coats. These coats are now scattered across the county, keeping the grandchildren warm.

Hudson's Bay coats

Our youngest daughter, Christine, was not able to make it home from Italy for the party. We missed seeing her. Three of my brother’s kids weren’t able to make it either. The party day was decent weather-wise, but that night it started to snow, dumping more snow than Lethbridge had seen in 2 years. The last photo shows the weather we woke up to. Typical southern Alberta weather. Sunday morning we headed back to Calgary. Devon, Andrew, Brad and Kim had flights to catch on Monday, and we weren’t taking any chances with the roads. Marc was keen to get home too. I don’t think any of us wanted to spend another night at A Coulee View Getaway Inn. That was the name of the house we rented for the week-end, but it did not exactly match the description on the website.my mom and dad dad, me, mom, Phil grandparents & grandkids family shot

Here’s Felix trying to get comfortable as we were getting ready to leave. We were all a little anxious to get going, since this was the “view” in the morning. (winter trees shielding our view of the neighboring cemetery)Felix in a box snowy coulee viewAll in all it was a great week-end. I think everyone enjoyed themselves – even my mom and dad.

weekly photo challenge : love

I’m not sure why this challenge was such a beast, but nothing came to mind to illustrate this ethereal feeling . However, as I sorted through my photo library, I found a few photos where I think you can see the love.

Z & K V & girls B & B M & D

There isn’t anything stronger than the love between a mother and child, and the bond between a grandmother and her grandchildren is pretty amazing too. Of course newlyweds’ love is a truly beautiful thing to behold. Why else do we cry at weddings?

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