May/June Update


May was a busy month with getting the exterior of the house painted. The house was a light grey stucco with darker grey stained cedar, and accents of mostly cobalt blue tile mosaics. One can only stand grey for just so long. I have been unable to get a decent photo of the house front as a whole for a variety of reasons. Hopefully these progress photos will give you an idea of how the house looks now.



The intense blue covers the back and both sides of the house, and there are 3 different orange colors on the front. The lightest orange isn’t visible in any of these photos, but I’ll catch it when I do some overall shots. We were extremely fortunate to have had great weather for most of the painting month. As all this work was done by one person, it was a huge job. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results!

June has been a relatively wet month so work has moved indoors. I’m still trying to get my print studio operational. It is very close… It’s been raining all morning but the sun has just broken through. That’s my signal to get ready to go out to a friend’s barbecue. Considering the change in weather, I’d say he must be doing something right!

weekly photo challenge : home

How appropriate that the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge this week is “home” as I’m visiting my childhood home in Lethbridge. I lived in 2 houses while I was growing up, and I have a couple of photos to show what those homes look like today. The first photo requires a little imagination as I’ll try to describe what it used to look like. This odd blue looking structure is now part of an auto parts storage facility. The windows and doors at the front of the house have been boarded over and painted to match the rest of the warehouse. I’m hoping that in my old non-digital photos I can eventually find a picture of the “before” version. It wasn’t pretty, but it did look like a house! The fence has been added for security, but with a missing board, I was able to get couple of other photos.

1006 - 2 Ave. S.

narrow walkway

fake brick siding

Try to imagine the center part of the building as a glassed-in porch, with windows on the front and one side. The door and steps were on the other side of the porch. We never used the front door. Instead, we walked along the narrow walkway down the side of the house to reach the back door. You can see building at the end of the walkway, but that’s because our back yard was surrounded by the warehouse. It was an unusual arrangement, as we didn’t get much sun in the yard, and we just had dirt – no grass. There was a big house on the other side of the house with real grass. I thought they must be rich. I remember using their yard for the occasional birthday party. Living large. I’ve included a photo of the fake brick siding that was on the house. It has tar paper on the back and you can literally tear it if you try. The house was very long and narrow, and I have fond memories of watching t.v. late at night, long after bedtime. I could sneak out of my room into the living room and hide behind the small wall section that indicated where a dining room could be located. (We didn’t have one of those either.) But having an extra long living room had its advantages.