May was a busy month with getting the exterior of the house painted. The house was a light grey stucco with darker grey stained cedar, and accents of mostly cobalt blue tile mosaics. One can only stand grey for just so long. I have been unable to get a decent photo of the house front as a whole for a variety of reasons. Hopefully these progress photos will give you an idea of how the house looks now.

blue stucco with sun sails

blue stucco house cornercoral and blue house cornerhouse during painting showing tile mosaics and stuccoorange and coral stucco with blue tile mosaiccolourful front entry stucco

The intense blue covers the back and both sides of the house, and there are 3 different orange colors on the front. The lightest orange isn’t visible in any of these photos, but I’ll catch it when I do some overall shots. We were extremely fortunate to have had great weather for most of the painting month. As all this work was done by one person, it was a huge job. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results!

June has been a relatively wet month so work has moved indoors. I’m still trying to get my print studio operational. It is very close… It’s been raining all morning but the sun has just broken through. That’s my signal to get ready to go out to a friend’s barbecue. Considering the change in weather, I’d say he must be doing something right!


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  1. Anelyse, Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. The blue paint was possibly Pittsburg paint – blue calico. We had to get some custom mixing done and I think this was what we were trying for. The different blue shades are visible because it was seemingly impossible for the paint mixers to be consistent. Fortunately I didn’t mind! Hope this helps you. Terri


  2. I love it! Your colours are so warm and brilliant, I’m sure during Alberta’s winter months you’ll have a few extra cars parked out front with people catching a few rays of happiness from you cheerful abode.

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