Here we go again – another photo challenge. Good thing I have these to prod me into posting. I’ve been sew busy lately (yes, I meant that) that it’s hard to get time at the computer! Yesterday as the sun was setting, I was at a fourth floor gallery just east of the city center. How’s this for a city horizon?view of downtown CalgaryI also wanted to share these New Mexico photos. Even though we have wide open spaces and mountain views in the Calgary area, there is something special about the New Mexico scenery that I love.solitary New Mexico peak smoke in the distance New Mexico mountains moon on a clear night New Mexico near gorge

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    1. Thanks, Tahira. I love the landscape and the incredible sky – the clouds and the color are always so amazing! I have friends in Turkey right now and am so envious. I need a fix soon! Wish it was a teeny bit more convenient to get to from Calgary.


    1. When I see a beautiful moon, I realize I should have my SLR camera in my hands – and I should have taken the time to learn to use it properly. Oh, and I wish I had a gigantic lens as well so I could do the shot justice! Oh well, another time. Thanks for stopping by to visit!


  1. I need to step away from the computer and do some sewing. I’m glad you make the time for it. Enjoyed your photos, thanks for visiting my blog.


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