May/June Update


May was a busy month with getting the exterior of the house painted. The house was a light grey stucco with darker grey stained cedar, and accents of mostly cobalt blue tile mosaics. One can only stand grey for just so long. I have been unable to get a decent photo of the house front as a whole for a variety of reasons. Hopefully these progress photos will give you an idea of how the house looks now.



The intense blue covers the back and both sides of the house, and there are 3 different orange colors on the front. The lightest orange isn’t visible in any of these photos, but I’ll catch it when I do some overall shots. We were extremely fortunate to have had great weather for most of the painting month. As all this work was done by one person, it was a huge job. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with the results!

June has been a relatively wet month so work has moved indoors. I’m still trying to get my print studio operational. It is very close… It’s been raining all morning but the sun has just broken through. That’s my signal to get ready to go out to a friend’s barbecue. Considering the change in weather, I’d say he must be doing something right!

pop goes andy warhol

Recently there was an excellent show in Calgary at the Museum of Contemporary Art, an exhibition entitled Andy Warhol: The Athlete Series. The exhibit ran for the month of January, so of course I managed to get downtown to see if on the last day. I mean they had already moved the wooden packing crates into the exhibition space! I am so glad I made the effort. What a treat seeing all that fantastic art right at my doorstep, and what an idiot I am waiting for the last day! But I did see it, and here’s a peak.

The exhibition features 10 Warhol paintings of Muhammed Ali, O.J. Simpson, Pele, Jack Nicklaus, Dorothy Hamill, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Chris Evert, Tom Seaver, Willie Shoemaker and Rod Gilbert. I only have one shot of this group as there were always people standing in my way. These paintings are from the collection of Richard Weisman from Seattle. He must have an incredible collection of art. Mr. Weisman was integral in connecting Andy Warhol with these athletes. You can see the paintings more clearly on this link on a wanted poster, as the entire collection was stolen from the Weisman residence in 2009. Hopefully the Weismans have upgraded their security by moving from Los Angeles.

sports figures

The next 2 pieces show hockey star Wayne Gretzky. The first one shows a trial print testing color options. The second one is the “finished” piece. When you are as famous as Andy Warhol, you can frame (and sell) all your versions.

other Wayne Gretzky Wayne Gretzky

Also on display were several pieces on loan from collectors in Calgary and Vancouver. I loved these images of dancer Karin Kain, Queen Elizabeth II and Chairman Mao. They really were quite magnificent to see.

Karen Kain