weekly photo challenge : geometry

Wow!  Already I’ve seen some fabulous posts for this challenge. Here are the rules.

I went through my photo library and here are my selections. I love that geometry can range from simple to complex and all can be beautiful.

needle through sculpture

stone pattern

metal siding detail

grill over water

ceiling detail

building detail

geometric ikat design

Seattle needle at nightAll these photos were taken on a trip to Seattle, Washington except for the metal grill over the creek in Taos, New Mexico. I am attracted to geometric forms. My favorite is the night shot of the Space Needle. Is there one that appeals to you?

pike place market

This is just a little throw together post, as I woke up to realize it is Wednesday and I didn’t schedule a post for this morning. Horrors! I’ve been so proud of myself sticking to my schedule. What was I thinking? What was I doing? So without further ado, here are some of my favorite shots from Pike Place Market in Settle, WA. Like any good market, it is a photographers’ dream.

Public Market sign

plentiful vegetables

vegetables and scale

great veggies

colorful potatoes


avocados and sign


green beans

produce stall

seafood display


great signage

colorful kitchenware

gravey boats

peoniesThe riot of color, texture, taste, sound and smell is amazing – a delight for all the senses. Do not miss the market if you are lucky enough to visit Seattle.

chihuly garden and glass part 2

Earlier I posted on the glass exhibit inside the Chihuly Garden and Glass. Here are my photos of this wonderful garden in the heart of Seattle – during the day and then again at night. This is an incredible place to visit and I can’t wait to go again!

big yellow ball

purple glass

beautiful blue glass

yellow glass on dark grass

chihuly garden and glass

I’m having a tough time editing this post. I mean, how many photos can I possibly put into one post? I have several hundred to choose from and this exhibition was so totally amazing that I don’t know where to begin. Well maybe that’s not true because I do have an idea. Let me begin by saying that I am not particularly a huge fan of Dale Chihuly. I admire his work, and I know he is an innovator and has been a huge influence on the contemporary glass scene. That said, his work is so recognizable that I sometimes feel, “You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” Well, this does not apply when you are talking about his installation exhibitions, and certainly not when describing this venue at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington. Here you can see baskets and glass creations influenced by baskets. The wall of blankets offer a colorful backdrop.

glass and baskets

glass basket form

glass inspired by baskets

Chihuly's blanket collection

There are some incredibly large and amazing sculptural forms of glass.

large glass sculpture

sculpture detail

great green glass

There are huge collections of glass pieces that are, for me, impossible to describe. Perhaps you will have some suggestions once you’ve seen these photos.