weekly photo challenge : geometry

Wow!  Already I’ve seen some fabulous posts for this challenge. Here are the rules.

I went through my photo library and here are my selections. I love that geometry can range from simple to complex and all can be beautiful.

needle through sculpture

stone pattern

metal siding detail

grill over water

ceiling detail

building detail

geometric ikat design

Seattle needle at nightAll these photos were taken on a trip to Seattle, Washington except for the metal grill over the creek in Taos, New Mexico. I am attracted to geometric forms. My favorite is the night shot of the Space Needle. Is there one that appeals to you?

18 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : geometry

  1. Brilliant photos for geometry. Really!!


  2. These are really great!


    1. Thanks. That means a lot coming from a monkey. Just kidding – thanks for the compliment!


  3. Amazing photos for this week’s challenge!


  4. Lovely! Seattle is my city, and you captured some really fantastic shots. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. If you think I need to re-do any of those photos, I’d be happy to visit again any time. I love Seattle!


      1. Well, I hear the Space Needle will be getting a new coat of paint (out with the orange and in with something new….) so you just may need to come back!


  5. Great memories of our shared time in Seattle. Wasn’t it amazing when we went back to the Chihuly exhibit and gardens in the evening with the Space Needle towering above us? Definitely my fav as well….


  6. I’ve seen a few of the posts too, and I think that this is the best I’ve seen so far. I love all of the shots but that first one is quite spectacular.


    1. Why thank you! I had a hard time making my selections because I see geometry in practiacally everything! Where would be be without digital cameras? It was very crowded when I took that first shot, but you can’t really ask people to move and stop enjoying the view because you’d like to take a photo!


      1. No, but it’s tempting sometimes!


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