I was out shopping for a travel guide book on the Cotswolds when I found a fabulous bargain at Chapters. I found padded nylon computer bags by Lug on sale for $5.  They were only available in black, but black is such a great color to work with. I bought one.  I decided to add a little something to my new bag so that it would be easy to identify and easier to notice if left sitting somewhere (like on an airplane seat).  I didn’t want anything too flashy or bulky, so I attached some purchased embroidered appliques by hand.  Also added my phone number just inside one handle.  This is pretty much what I had in mind:

embellished computer bag

back side of computer bag

I picked up 2 more cases for my friend, Catherine.  She will undoubtedly do something interesting to them.  I did discover that hand sewing is difficult with my cast on.  Counting the days till it is gone, gone, gone.

One thought

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your whole blog! Would love to read more in the future! YOU are an inspiration!!
    After “The Wedding” I’d love to get creative with you!!


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