I had my cast removed and a 2 1/2” pin taken out (yes, ouch) and I have a temporary splint. My doctor assured me that it wouldn’t hurt to pull out the pin, but that it might sting a little. I’d love to pull a pin out of his hand and see if he still believes that.  In all fairness, it wasn’t painful as much as it was incredibly irritating and uncomfortable.  I just wanted the pin out and was relieved when it finally was. (It seemed to take forever.)  My hand feels somewhat traumatized but I’m sure it will improve quickly.

pin from right hand surgery
surgical pin pulled from my right hand

Now I wait to hear from the occupational therapy clinic to make an appointment to get the “real” splint made. Hopefully soon. I need to wear the splint for 3 weeks full time, and after that part time, the amount of time depending on the progress of the healing.

temporary splint
temporary splint

Physio won’t start for at least 3 weeks. This splint has a stretchy bandage on the outside, so it’s somewhat more limiting than the cast in terms of what I can do. The biggest advantage is the ability to bare my arm for the shower. Great – after I’ve gotten really good at holding my arm up in the air and away from the water in the shower. I must say I’m tired of doing things mostly one handed, and I thought I was a patient person. Apparently this isn’t always the case.

right hand after surgery

I managed a photo of my hand at the hospital, and there’s a difference in the shape of my hand above the wrist. The splint is holding my thumb more securely than the cast did, and it feels rather strange. What a process!

2 thoughts

  1. Holy Jesus that pin photo made my stomach lurch. Yikes! I couldn’t agree more – let’s pull a pin out of your Doc’s hand sometime see how he likes it! 🙂


  2. I didn’t realize it was your RIGHT hand! I had hand surgery for carpol tunnel problems 30 years ago…I had it in both hands but the Doc said we should do the dominant (left, for me) one first and my right hand might just recover by itself. It actually worked pretty well…symptoms only occur when I really overdue hand work.


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