I thought I should report on the progress my thumb is making. I’m still wearing the temporary splint, which is an incredible pain since I have to keep wrapping and unwrapping the tedious tensor bandage that holds it in place. Such a pain in the…  arm! The pressure from my bandage is the most annoying thing I’m dealing with. I think my thumb is healing very well. I can move my fingers freely, their strength improves, and I can move the first 2 joints of my thumb. I haven’t tried to move the repaired joint as it should remain immobilized for another week. Swelling is down, but not gone completely. I’m experiencing only occassional pain, and I’ve become quite adept at doing things without using the thumb on my right hand. My hand does get tired if I use it too much. My left hand is feeling the effects of having to do too much.

Every day I take off my splint to experience the fresh air and sometimes a little sunshine. The incision is healing so well that I doubt there will be much of a scar. I am totally optimistic that I will be able to begin physio after I see the surgeon next week. I’m so certain that I’ve already booked the physio appointment. I’d have to say that so far this is a “thumbs up” experience.

I’m still feeling like a mummy with my temporary splint.

back of my hand view with temporary splint

What do you think?

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