My yoga practice takes place at a small private studio in my neighborhood. I like to help out with organizing the studio and our equipment because I like things organized. My teacher, Valerie, is a terrific Iyengar yoga instructor. I feel that anything I can do to help with the studio helps to simplify life for Valerie, for me and for my fellow yogis. I am lucky to practice with an exceptionally lovely group of women.

Over the summer the studio gets a super cleaning and all the props are washed and repaired. (This is in addition to all the year long maintenance.) It’s always a challenge to find ways to improve our prop storage system, as we continually improve the variety and quantity of props available. I have been meaning to make a sign to hang over the straps for the past year, and finally I got it done. The biggest stumbling block was getting a piece of cardboard cut the right size for the base. I’m sure that sounds silly, but cutting something 27″ long is just beyond the capability of working with one hand in a splint. Thankfully Susan Fae helped me out and I was out of excuses. This sign hangs just inside the storage room above our straps. I probably didn’t need to say that. The sign is fairly self explanatory.

sign that hangs over yoga straps in the studio

I love working in what I refer to as “ransom note” font, cutting letters from magazines, mail and anything else I can get my hands on with good text. I collect great letters and sort them into plastic sushi trays which stack together and don’t take up much space. And I wonder where my time goes…

What do you think?

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