Another successful Wednesday evening working at the Art Tree. Susan Fae and I were both very productive. I spent my time designing carving a couple of blocks, and Susan Fae printed and then found time to carve. We seem to feed off of each other’s creative energy – very beneficial for both of us.

Susan Fae printing bird image

Susan Fae's blue bird image
Susan Fae's blue bird image
birds drying in the drawer
birds drying in the drawer

The birds are printed twice – slightly different images that give a sense of movement when printed together. An excellent effect. Did I mention that Susan Fae is somewhat obsessed with birds? Well, she is.

carving block with splint on

carving Taos NM block

Wed. night working at the Art Tree
working with my splint on

My newest project involves carving an image to print on cards for my friends in Taos, New Mexico. Hillary and Melissa run the post office in Taos Ski Valley and they want to start selling more artist made items in their shop, Box Canyon. I would love to have something to contribute. I hope to do some printing next week. I’m also carving different versions of the letter T so I can personalize some stationary. Wonder if I can find a way to incorporate them into my emails?

2 thoughts

  1. We do have a great time with our lino blocks. I didn’t realize you had all of those photos, they look great.
    Well here’s to our next Wild Wednesday of Carving and Printmaking.

    Chirp Chirp


  2. Oh Terri! I was tickled to see you working on the word Taos and then I read your last comment and got so delighted!


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