I’ve been carving blocks at home. As long as I work in material that is softer than regular linoleum, I am able to manage with one hand in a splint. My hand tires after a couple of hours, but it’s hard to stop once I get going on an idea. I was planning on printing Taos NM on some cards for the ski valley, but it occurred to be that TSV NM would be more specific (since the Village of Taos Ski Valley is where the post office is located). I finished 3 variations for the New Mexico cards.

carved stamps for Taos and TSV

stamp and sample of TSV NM

I’m embarrassed to show this, but the next picture shows the work table in my studio annex. The second picture is the tiny corner of the table where I am actually able to work.

crowded work table in the studio annex

crowded corner of work table in the annex

2 thoughts

  1. Ooooh Terri, All three designs look great and from my experience both Taos and TSV sell equally well. People come to “Ski Taos” not “Ski TSV” but TSV NM is for people in the know…and they pride themselves on the secret.
    Your style as always, is so sophisticated but friendly.


  2. Terri the block prints look really cool! Either way works,,,Taos or TSV. How about Taos Ski Valley New Mexico? Tee-hee…just KIDDING!


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