I decided to take a few minutes this week to “smell the roses” until I remembered that I don’t have any in my garden. I do, however, have a decent assortment of blooms bursting forth throughout the yard and in numerous pots. I love taking photos and trying to capture the tiniest details. (I haven’t tried my new macro lense for my SLR camera, as I can’t hold the camera with my splint on. Eventually I’ll be able to give that a try.)

giant yellow knapweed

centaurea macrocephala (globeflower)

single centaurea flower

knapweed leaves with snail damage

lace like snail damage

varigated pink dahlias

varigated pink dahlias

orange coreopsis

delicate coreopsis

pink dianthus

pink dianthus

orange daylillies

orange daylillies

multicolored geranium leaves

geranium leaves

pink dahlia

pink dahlia

red flowers of Maltese Cross

lychnis chalcedonica (maltese cross)

individual flowers of Maltese Cross

like paper cut-outs

Here’s a little bug who was resting on the screen while we had dinner. I like getting close to insects, especially when they’re on the other side of a screen.

dragonfly on screen

little dragonfly

Here are peonies from my friend Valerie’s garden. I wonder at their complex structure and amazing beauty. Humans are fooling themselves if they think they can do a better job.

partially closed pink peony

fluffy light pink peony

close up of pink peony

What do you think?

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