Print frenzy

Another incredibly productive night of printing. I was feeling a bit frantic as I wanted to print a variety of card types to test out some ideas I have for over printing stationary. It also occurred to me that it would be a good idea to collect samples of all my carvings in one place – something more portable and less messy than the large sketchbook that I normally work with. I found a journal with hand-made paper pages that would come apart easily. Pages are much easier to print when they are loose. Here are 3 of the pages.

print samples for record book

Here’s a shot of a portion of the evenings work laid out to dry in a big drawer. Ink printed 0n shiny cardstock takes awhile to dry, so I won’t get to photograph them or take them home till tomorrow. I’m happy with the results of the printing and feel like I learn something new every time we print. So far I’ve only used water based ink. I can’t bear to deal with the clean up of oil based products. I’ve tried a variety of papers and enjoy the results of experimentation. Good thing.

card assortment left to dryMore pictures to follow in the next couple of days.  Oh, and here’s a shot of the workspace at the Art Tree.

Art Tree set up for printing

my studio away from home

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