One of my little projects is making hair catchers for the shower. I think this is an indispensable item for anyone who has hair that is longer than 1/4” in length. I take flat plastic drain covers and punch designs into them with a crafty hole punch. (The trick was finding a punch that would work beyond the edge of the cover.) I found one, and voila! I’ve solved shower plumbing nightmares for family and friends. If you put one down over the drain when you wash your hair, all the hair that would normally go down the drain to clog the pipes, swirls into a tidy little collection on the drain cover. What can I say? Sometimes I’m just brilliant! The problem is that they are not fun to make. So, if you want one, you have to talk nicely to me and perhaps offer something in trade… Just a suggestion.   I might start selling them, but how do you put a price on genius?

shower drain covers

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