very cozy / coffee or tea?

Recently I discovered that my son, Brad, and his girlfriend, Kim, were in need of a tea cozy for their coffee pot. I needed to do something about it. While Brad was home for a visit, I found a shrunken sweater (in my stash of shrunken sweaters of course) in colors that I thought they would like, and I made this for them. It will fit a tea pot, and it should fit their short coffee carafe. This was something from my “best before thumb surgery” list.

This was a combination of machine and hand sewing, and went together quickly. I really must make one for myself. It’s always hard to get started, as I need to decide on color and design, and the possibilities seem endless. I’ll get to it one of these days, I’m sure of it.

front of tea cozy

back of tea cozy

After mentioning this tea cozy to my daughter, Devon, it has been brought to my attention that SHE doesn’t have a tea cozy yet… Well, excuse me. Guess I’ll add that to my list.

2 thoughts on “very cozy / coffee or tea?

  1. not really bragging but….. I DO have an original Terri cozy that is used daily to keep the pot hot and my tea ready to go. Thanks Terri….


    1. Oh sure, now Devon will be after me again! Glad you’re enjoying it. I was thinking that tea cozies are important in northern climates – probably wouldn’t be a market for them along the equator!


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