printing snowman cardThis is back-tracking a bit, but as I’ve sorted photos recently I realized that I never posted about my last printing project. It was getting close to Christmas when I realized that I didn’t have enough cards printed to send out. My plan was to send hand-made cards to all the nice people who wouldn’t be getting any fruitcake, and that was a sizable list. So, in the midst of baking and cooking and all the other things that one does in December, I decided to do some printing. I set up on the kitchen table amidst the decorations and worked quickly, perhaps a bit too quickly, but I printed enough cards to fill my needs for the moment. My son, Marc, was home to take some photos for me. See that even though I only covered part of the table with paper, I did put on an apron.

inking a tree print

lifting a tree print

tree cards

snowman cards laid out to dry

What do you think?

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