I guess you could say I’m getting a little tired of my cast. It’s not really that bad, but I’ve had enough of it! I have calculated that I only have to wash my hair 3 more times with one arm swaddled in a plastic bag. That also leaves only 4 showers where I have to hold my arm up out-of-the-way of the water. And best of all, only one week before I have the pin removed from my hand. That pin is so annoying that I could scream. But I won’t. I’d like to, but I won’t. And the reason for that is because I remember how freaking great it felt when I had one removed last July, and I am so looking forward to a repeat experience! Here’s a key chain that my friend, Susan Fae, gave me. The small red arrow marks the location of my surgery last June (since it’s a right hand).

skeletal hand keychain

It’s interesting that even though my thumb is immobilized, the muscles try to move in harmony with the fingers when I use my hand. I assume that is the reason that my entire hand and forearm get tired when I use my fingers too much. If I write slowly, I think the script is legible. Recently I was writing tags for the bulk food bin twist ties at Planet Organic, though mostly it was numbers. Guess I should check my bill to see if the cashier was able to read what I wrote before I get too to sure of myself.

On the broken leg news: Last Monday Bob broke his left tibia and fibula. During surgery on Wednesday morning he had some great metal parts added to his anatomy – a large nail running the length of the tibia, 2 metal plates and some metal screws installed. He has to stay off of his leg completely for 6 weeks. One down, five to go. Don’t know what happens after that, but I expect slow and steady improvement. Bob is home and getting around on crutches. He has no cast. He can make his own cappuccino. Bandages can come off any time now so he’ll be able to shower without a plastic bag on his leg?. Did I mention that he doesn’t have a cast?  How fair is that? Actually, I’m not complaining as I skip up and down the stairs with the greatest of ease. Isn’t life grand?

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