I like to try to keep my studio clean. This is a gargantuan task, considering the massive amounts of stuff in my studio.  Don’t get me wrong – 98% of this stuff is really good stuff – there are just mountains of it. Since there is too much stuff to dust easily, I have made dust covers for a number of  items. These include my sewing machine, my computer monitor, my external hard drive and my Ott light (with magnifying lens). I sewed and appliqued with materials that were close at hand. Here are the results:

sewing machine cover

sewing machine cover

computer moniter cover

external hard drive cover

covers for ott light and magnifier

Here are a few of the things in the studio that make it so difficult to keep clean. It’s a good thing I love being surrounded by all this wonderful stuff!

Chinese shoes in the studio

dolls in the studio

basket of dolls


goodies on the studio ledge

shelves full of goodies

felt dolls

dolls, dolls and more dolls

Dragons and monkeys and goodies – oh my!

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