I’m frustrated by not having the full use of my left hand. I thought it would cheer me up to share some things that I’ve made in the past while I bide my time waiting for my hand to heal.

I like to make my own felt by shrinking wool sweaters that I pick up at second-hand clothing stores. My favorite spot is Value Village, as they have a huge inventory and I can always find some great sweaters – usually at a great price. I haven’t been sweater shopping lately since I have an inventory of shrunken sweaters ready to work with. Go ahead – try to act surprised.

Here are a couple of Christmas angels I’ve stitched. The first one was made from a pattern (sorry but I can’t remember from where) and the second one was my design. I’ve included a few details.

felt angel #1

angel face

angel sleeve

hem detail

angel #2

angel face

hem detail

I’ve started working on my next tea-cozy , with a little help from the cat.

start of a new tea cozy

I’m trying to keep my typing to a minimum while the cast is still on, so that’s all for now.

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