The railway bridge that crosses the Oldman River in Lethbridge, Alberta (where I grew up) is the longest of its type, at 1.6 kilometres from end to end.  The Lethbridge Viaduct, commonly known as the High Level Bridge, was constructed between 1907–1909 at a cost of $1,334,525. I have always loved the look of this bridge. Look at it – it is beautiful!

High Level Bridge, Lethbridge

The Canadian Pacific Railway designed this massive steel trestle bridge.. It was there long before I was born, and it will be there for many future generations I’m sure. It is the largest railway structure in Canada. In this big county, that’s saying something.

train on bridge

great angle on bridge

bridge detail

This is the most memorable landmark of the city and isn’t it sensational? It’s elegant from a distance, and even better up close. I think it is totally awe-inspiring. I took these photos on a city visit a few years ago, but trust me – it still looks the same.

bridge from below

bridge shot

bridge detail

beutiful bridge view

high level bridge

Terri Boake took the first 4 photos, and you can see more of her photos here.

3 thoughts

  1. What an amazing structure! Great forethought on part of the railway. Some of the images are almost Eiffel Tower-esque – given that it was built only twenty years later some of the same technology must have been available. Thanks for sharing this Canadian landmark.


    1. You’re welcome! I must say that as a teenager I always wanted to climb the bridge, but never got very far off the ground. Luckily I was on the bridge when there was still rail service to Lethbridge – MANY years ago. Must get more photos next trip…


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