near the plaza – Santa Fe

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a jewel of a holiday location. The city is full of history, fabulous architecture, great restaurants, amazing shopping and outstanding people watching. Here are a few shots from my last visit. The first six photos show the St. Francis Cathedral Basilica, visible from the main plaza. The plaza marks one end of the Santa Fe trail, a 19th century transportation route between Santa Fe and Franklin, Missouri. It was originally an international trade route between Mexico and the United States. I like to imagine the plaza full of wagons and horses instead of cars and tourists. Either way it’s a great place to see.

view towards St. Francis Cathedral

interior of St. Francis cathedral

column in the church

alter detail

prayer candles

sunlight through stained glass

store doorway decoration

mirror on display

restaurant sign

The Cafe Plaza Bakery has great sandwiches, incredible desserts, and a Hagen-Daz counter that runs the length of the café. For a poor Canadian forced to exist on the limited Hagen-Daz flavor selections available at the grocery store – this is close to nirvana. Notice I said close. Nirvana isn’t on the plaza.

6 thoughts on “near the plaza – Santa Fe

  1. Great memories of being in that plaza together – albeit in the fall not the spring. Such a great destination to visit.


    1. I wanted to cheat and throw in some of our shots, but the seasons wouldn’t have matched. Wonder if anyone would have noticed…


  2. Art and Picture Framing April 7, 2012 — 11:04 AM

    Wow ! The colour is beautiful.
    Santa Fe / Susan Fae what a combination.
    Thanks, your burst of inlightenment has me wanting to travel.


    1. Funny how I never get tired of visiting New Mexico!


  3. I love the pictures but all I can think about is all the hagen daz flavor 🙂


    1. Sometimes I’m happy just reading through the flavor list and looking at all the big tubs of ice cream!


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