snow gauge

I took these pictures right out my kitchen window. They show the cover over the potting area and the barbecue. The slated wooden roof has a plexiglass top to keep the rain and snow off. (In theory that allows me to cook outside in less than perfect weather. Such a good theory, don’t you think?) The temperature here can vary greatly in a short period. As you can see here, the snow on the roof slides off as the temperature rises. Sometimes it is really unbelievable. I shot the first 2  pictures in early March.

interesting melt

close up of snow

I took these photos this month, just one day after the other.

snow on roof

melting snow

This is how it looks now:

no snow left

I’m hoping that the next time I take this picture 2 things will have happened. I hope that I will have washed my windows, and I hope there will be a little more green in the photo. Brown has never been my favorite color.

5 thoughts on “snow gauge

  1. Great pics, but they give me the shivers!


    1. The weather here is typical for April. Snow one day, melted and gorgeous the next, then more snow. It does drive me a little crazy!


    2. Funny, I get the shivers looking at your torn up couch!


  2. A morphing sculpture as a kitchen view – divine…


    1. Thanks. If this weather keeps up I’m going to have to do the windows soon…


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