Here are a few images that come to mind when I think about the sun: someone besides me paragliding on a bright day, adobe bricks out to dry, Kush the cat luxuriating on the counter in my studio and unusual effects obtained when you point your camera somewhere that you shouldn’t be looking (you know, directly into the sun – what were you thinking?)

hang glider

adobe bricks drying in the sun

cat relaxing in the sun

sun through the trees

Don’t you just love a sunny day? I do.

10 thoughts

  1. Perfect pictures for a “sun” challenge. Love Kush the kitty, and yes, I point my camera right at the sun sometimes too! Hope you’re having sun where you are; it’s peeking out for a minute or two here, followed by a rain shower, then more sun… Typical April!


    1. Dianna, Thanks for commenting. It’s a lovely day here – I can open the roof on my Smart car and feel very spring-like. Just need to remember where I put my sunglasses! Hope your clouds are interesting. I prefer clouds to overall dull and grey. Not like we have a choice! Terri


      1. Thank God summer is almost here. Everyone seems to be getting happier. Love the Kitty Cat photo. If only we could achieve that look of total bliss…


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